How to Screen for Tenants

We have seen an onslaught of tenant applicants lately. Now the trouble is screening them properly. The key trick is not to take their words or actions for consideration. We have seen many people seem desperate and go to lengths of saying outrageous things to get a home that they want to rent.  However, when digging through their financial history and other records, we find that they aren’t quite who they say they are. The way to truly find these red flags is through years of effort and practice. If you’re relying on ‘gut’ instinct, there can often be missed important red flags to keep you from having a wretched experience. No matter what neighborhood, whether old town parts of Tacoma, or newer neighborhoods in Puyallup, Gig Harbor, or Spanaway, we are seeing people of all backgrounds try to pull the wool over our eyes. Luckily, we have been able to find good people that deserve good homes.

Many tenants know that Landlords are looking into their backgrounds and will find skeletons, so they do other tricks like cleaning up their appearance and their vehicles. They do this not realizing everyone knows thats what landlords are looking at. Don’t get caught allowing bad tenants into your private investment. Let a quality Property Manager help you determine the direction of your future.

Jony Villegas

Jony Villegas

Leasing Agent

Jony is an asset to Real Property Management Today because he helps us find those right tenants for our clients. Talk to him personally and he will impress you on how we do our screening.